Day 8 & Day 9

DSC_0025Start working in a small raspberry farm.
DSC_0006To pick raspberry, you don’t need to be tall or strong. Raspberries are very delicate and need to be handled vary carefully or they will be crushed.
DSC_0005The hardest part is as their stems have tiny sharp barbs that grow along them and it cut into your arms. Those tiny sharp spikes make scratches on my both hands and arms. They can sting and hurt for long time.The stalks are close together so I will have to pull them apart to reach some of the berries.
When I explained those scratches to a French girl, I said I got tortured by some Psycho. Then she gave me a don’t you fool me look and said I should tell people I got attacked by a crazy cat when I tried to steal its food as I eat all the times. People will buy it.
DSC_0483Food and music, are always the easiest way to make friends. Back in the days I stayed in Pickled Frog, a Japanese guy, some  French guys and I used to gather up in front of the hostel, playing guitar, harmonica and drum every single nights while a Korean guy singing along. We passed around one beer and a pack of tobacco ( I don’t drink much and I don’t smoke)

It is hard for my friends to believe that many people love my cooking. But sorry my friends, they really loved my dishes and soup. People gather around every time I cook. We shared food, music, and information(work, cheap accommodations) I’ve met over a dozen of Europeans within a week.


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