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Industrious, Diligent and Cautious with Money

I was not much cheered by the next lot of findings,which showed that young people also seem to be more industrious than their parents' generation: 70 per cent of 16-24s believe that ' getting ahead in life is down to hard work and dedication'. Only 53 per cent of the older generation share this diligent attitude, with 41 percent adopting the more laidback view that sucess is a matter of luck, contacts or 'the right breaks'.

Not only that, but we found that young people are just as likely as their elders to be careful and responsible with money - in fact, the 16-24s put a larger proportion of their income into savings than the 45-54s. Our survey showed that young people are significantly less likely to get themselves into debt than the older group: only 44 per cent owe money on credit cards and store cards, compared with 66 per cent of their parents' generation.

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